❤hamster pinkie's solar system tour❤

Pinkie takes you on a tour of the Solar System filled with interesting facts. Which planet do you want to live on?

❤ hello kitty mochi ice cream ❤


Mochi is soft and chubby like me. I like to watch my human friend making these sweet treats shaped like Hello Kitty filled with yummy ice cream. 

❤ hello kitty pineapple and cream cake ❤


Whip cream is so light and fluffy and pineapples are sweet and tart. It's the perfect combination for a cake. Watch my human friend make this Hello Kitty cake that's cute and yummy. 

❤ hello kitty cherry blossom sugar cookies ❤


Cherry blossoms are so pink and pretty. Watch my human friend make these pretty and pink sugar cookies that look like Hello Kitty with a cherry blossom bow.

❤ hello kitty mochi donuts ❤


I love donuts, but these mochi donuts are soft and chewy in the inside. Watch my human friend make these Hello Kitty shaped donuts that are sweet and cute.

❤ pumpkin shaped cream puffs ❤


It's Halloween and I wanted to dress like a witch and fly on a broom. I am animated here, but I still look scary.

Watch my human friend make these pumpkin shaped cream puffs. 

❤ stargazing ❤


This drone show at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas reminds me of my home planet of Heartenose. 

The random guy talking in this video does a great commentary so I can just watch and listen to this cool music.