❤ about us ❤

There are many different creatures to meet out in the universe. While exploring  outerspace, Pinkie has met a few beautiful and interesting friends. Come and check out all of the adventures of Pinkie and her friends through the photos of their lives.

While you are here, check out Pinkie in the human world in her cooking videos on youtube as she watches her favorite desserts being made. 


❤ pinkie and her friends ❤

Hamster Pinkie


Hamster Pinkie explores the universe in search of new friends and (of course) yummy snacks via her pink spaceball. If you see blinking lights among the stars when looking upon the night sky, it's just the beams of lights shining  from her spaceball.

Pinkie is originally from the planet Heartenose, but currently lives in Hiroshima, Japan. To relax after travelling, Pinkie makes popcorn and cuddles up in a puff of colorful cotton candy and shares all of her snacks with her friends.     

Unicorn Stiletto


Unicorn Stiletto roams the galaxy with his magical shoes bringing color into the dark skies after the rain. If you ever see a rainbow in the sky or in a raindrop or even maybe over a snow capped mountain, Stiletto created it.

Stiletto is from the planet Clouhair, but currently lives in Milan, Italy. During his spare time he eats his favorite spicy meatballs, but he loves all Italian food.  When bored, he has fun blowing big pink bubbles to see  how big they can get. He hopes to be able to blow one so big that it'll carry him above the city. 

Dragon Nails


 Dragon Nails flies across many different lands and islands bringing fire to those that are seeking the light. If you see the lightening in the sky it is Dragon Nails that made it by breathing her fire through the clouds. Or if you see a shooting star, it is Nails blowing the fallen star back into the universe. 

Nails is from the planet Scaltail, but currently lives in Bordeaux, France. She enjoys charring marshmallows for her grape friends that love to make s'mores (makes them sweeter). Her favorite color of nail polish is pink because pink is a happy color.

Mermicorn Candy and Bubbles


Candy and Bubbles swim across the deep blue sea making bubbles that are sweet and yummy.  Some are round and some are shaped like candy. If you ever see bubbles in the sand after the tide reaches the shore, they are from the twin mericorns blowing from deep in the sea. 

Candy and Bubbles are from the planet Fishorn, but currently live in Copenhagen, Denmak. Their favorite thing to do is to share a large strawberry and bubblegum milkshake full of of their favorite sprinkles and topped off with a big strawberry. It keeps their hair pink and blue. 

Lion Hachi

Lion Hachi

Hachi wanders around the grass and trees with 8 bees searching for places to make beehives so they can make and share their honey.

If you ever feel dew drops fall from the sky, it is the bees sharing their honey with all of the creatures that come to visit them.

Hachi is from the planet Hairmane, but currently lives in the jungles of the Philippines. When the bees are busy, Hachi takes a bath in the waters around him. After his bath, he searches for a cool breeze over the mountain to fluff up his beautiful mane. He was named after the lucky number 8 which is hachi in Japanese

Kitty Zeekie


Zeekie jumps across the world playing with everyone and everything he touches. If you hear random sounds, see odd things moving, or things in the mirror that aren't supposed to be there, it might be one of Zeekie's friends or toys that he is playing with. 

Zeekie is from the planet Pooplop, but currently lives in Las Vegas, USA.  When not playing, Zeekie looks for the perfect litter box. He's not sure where he will find it. Maybe it will be on top of sign or in a tree. If you see him way up high be sure to stay in front of him. You never know what what may happen if you are in back of him.